Ideas for Adding a Room to Your House in Universal City, TX; Extra Bedroom, Bathroom & More

A home’s location, the perfect layout, or other features and maybe even the neighbors, make a home yours and can make you fall in love with the house. But there is always room for improvement and for a multitude of reasons as to why, no matter how much of the house’s characteristics you enjoy. We at Copco Remodeling would like to take the opportunity to elaborate onto the best reasons as to why your home could use a room add on.

Home Addition Ideas

Bathroom Addition Plans: A sure reason to add a bathroom to your house is when you have a family constantly fighting over use of the bathroom. A new bathroom can get plenty of extras and luxury options that can make for a personal spa. Upgrades such as steam, jet sprays, and more can make the bathroom incredible and gorgeous.
Extra Bedroom: A fairly common need for many families is to add an extra bedroom. Adding a bedroom can help improve the day to day living when the family grows or need to have the in-laws move in or perhaps you simply want a guest bedroom to accommodate frequent guests. Instead of the stress of moving into a home with the extra room, simply add one to your home.
Home Office: Whether you bring your work home with you or you work for from home, or simply need a quite place to tend to mail, bills, taxes, and other obligations, a home office is another room add on that is highly beneficial. To serve multi-purposes, place an elegant futon in the office to offer comfort while you work and put up any guests for the night as an extra bedroom.
Playroom Layout: Left with you no place semi-quiet to entertain guests or simply watch some TV, all too soon the kids take over the living room. Offering a localized area for the children’s toys and a dedicated space to play, building on a playroom can offer many advantages. Not only will the toys be contained from spreading throughout the room, but you will free up space in the kids’ bedroom where they can be less distracted during homework time or bed time.
Kitchen Add-on: Older homes have kitchens that were only designed for single cook and really nothing more. These days the kitchen is the heart of most homes where families cook, bake, and craft together, indulge in snacks and meal time, and simply band together to share conversation. To better accommodate modern lifestyles, add room onto the kitchen, whether you want a more fitting pantry, a place for upgraded and luxury appliances, or a better dining room. A simple add-on to your kitchen can give you so much more space and customized options.
Aging in Place: Adding a room can be a better option than moving after the children have grown and left home. If climbing stairs becomes a challenge with health limitations, you can retain your home and independence with the master bedroom downstairs; add on a master bedroom on the 1st floor. Additional add-ons is an improved bathroom with custom features like zero edge showers, shower seating, handrails, and non-slip.

Home Room Additions & More in Universal City, New Braunfels, Boerne, Helotes & Greater San Antonio, Texas

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